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MLR/PRC Software Support and Alignment

Software Optimization Consultation

Optimize the effective use of
your content review platform

Framework Solutions' Strategic Services division is uniquely qualified to assist you in the implementation, optimization, or migration of your content review platform.  Our Lead Strategy Advisors have an average experience of over 15 years in the design and configuration  of systems, especially as it relates to content review process combined with downstream functionality and digital asset management.  We help you optimize the software in conjunction with your internal Standard Operation Procedures (SOPs) to help ensure quality, efficiency and compliance.

FSI is a leader in the field of software migration and has provided management oversight for multiple global pharmaceutical companies as they migrate older legacy systems. We help expand the functional efficiency of the content review platforms into synergistic downstream functionality such as salesforce optimization, digital asset management and CRM capabilities. 

Optimization Services Offered

Project Planning Consultation
Project Planning

We create an integrated timeline for all implementation and migration-related activities to ensure you meet your target delivery date.

Process Alignment
Business Process

We provide strategic input to help you evaluate existing business procedures to leverage new platform capabilities.

Technology Deployment

We apply industry best practices throughout your implementation and migration project to enable efficient and compliant usage of the platform.


Let FSI focus on the you can focus on the Product.

Optimization-Related Tasks

Customer Situation
Project Planning
  • Perform data extraction and analysis to advise on timeline and approach
  • Provide weekly status reports
Process Alignment
Process Alignment
  • Provide insights regarding business process alignment
  • Create highly decentralized governance
  • Align SOP to new platform
Technology Deployment
Technology Development
  • Conduct evaluation and analysis of proposed Veeva configuration
  • Contemplate country-specific configurations
  • Conduct testing and validation of Veeva configuration and data migration
  • Complete validation documentation
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Case Study: Global Zinc to Veeva Migration

Customer Situation
Customer Situation

Global client with operations in 26+ countries and over 450 users required to migrate all MLR related work from existing Zinc platform to Veeva PromoMats in a compressed timeframe.

Customer Situation
Strategic Services Solution

As recognized subject matter experts on the MLR Process, we provided daily strategic, tactical, and technical support to the internal Migration Project Team on upstream and downstream impacts related to the business process.


Content migration and initial country deployment and "Go-Live" in Veeva PromoMats met all identified Quality and Compliance requirements and was completed on time.


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