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analytics & scorecarding

Driving efficiency from your
Material Review Data

Analytics & Scorecarding for your Advertising, Promotional and Medical Material Review Process

As a pharmaceutical company dealing with the burdensome obligations of content review, you spend thousands of dollars each year trying to make your Content Review and Approval process more efficient. But with an ever evolving process, coupled with changing review teams, how do you measure the efficiency of the process at any given moment?

Additionally, with large sums spent on Content Review Processing Software, how do you know you're receiving positive ROIs on those investments?

Framework Solutions, Inc. (FSI) has the answers.

Using our expertise in the content review process as well as our skills as a custom software developer, FSI is uniquely positioned to provide valuable data that will drive efficiency and deliver positive ROIs. We work with Brand Teams, IT, and internal stakeholders departments to achieve dramatic increases in Quality, Efficiency and Compliance.


Driving efficiency from your Promotional Review Data


  • Drive efficiency
  • Identify problem areas
  • Reduce time in meetings
  • Submission quality
  • Reduce errors and omissions
  • Maximize compliance
  • Ensure positive ROI


  • Variance between scheduled and actual meeting times
  • Average project lifecycle
  • Average processing time per project type
  • Average processing time per team
  • Agency submission quality
  • Post approval QC Audits of in use material

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