How do we help?

Our content and operations specialists work with you and your agency partners to incorporate the proven VERIFY+ methodology into your existing process. We target key areas of risk using the proprietary VERIFY+ verification platform.

Our experience has shown there are significant risks associated with the post-approval process gap. VERIFY+ fills this gap.

The VERIFY+ audit process includes:
  • Unapproved Asset – prior, unapproved iteration deployed in error

  • Inconsistent Presentation  – layout and/or functionality rendering differently across platforms (phone, tablet, social media). 

  • Loss of Fair Balance  – adjacent, third party content impacts risk/benefit profile

  • Expired Asset  – outdated and/or withdrawn content remains in deployment

VERIFY+ platform

At Frameworks, we manage the VERIFY+ process using our proprietary planning and deployment application. The VERIFY+ dashboard keeps our Specialists focused on your planned deployments in real time. The VERIFY+ Audit Manager facilitates the verification and reporting process at the time of the audit.  

As experts in the Promotional & Medical Review Process, we know timing is critical. Leveraging our VERIFY+ platform and working seamlessly with your team, we verify without delay and rapidly implement course-correcting action when necessary.


Deploy assets according to your schedule confident that you are maximizing strategic effectiveness while maintaining compliance.

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