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Our Librarian Services Team works seamlessly with your organization to properly manage, secure, and reference your digital assets for distribution through the Digital Asset Management (DAM) system.  We ensure that metadata are consistent based on organizational guidelines.  We are adept at best practices as they relate to all technology platforms.

Joanna Bova, PMP - Executive Director, Process Management

Joanna Bova, PMP
EVP, MLR Solutions

Our Librarian Services Team will:
  • Provide oversight of all materials submitted to the DAM system

  • Conduct quality checks on assets to ensure DAM optimization and effectiveness

  • Manage all metadata and asset details according to organizational standards

  • Manage Usage Rights for licensed digital assets

  • Work with stakeholders to confirm that metadata is complete and accurate

  • Create metadata for digital objects including text, images, audio, and video

  • Serve as a resource for stakeholders on best practices when accessing and utilizing the DAM

  • Report key DAM metrics to management

Digital Asset Management Services

Digital Referencing Optimization

The value of your digital assets is driven by the quality of the data in your reference library. DAM systems can quickly become a compliance risk when cluttered with duplicate or out of date references; and sorting through numerous redundant or improperly annotated assets slows down productivity and time to market. Through Digital Referencing Optimization protocol we conduct a thorough examination of your referencing data and develop corrective action. The result is an better user experience, improved productivity and process optimization.

Our Digital Referencing Team will:
  • Validate references are current and approved for use

  • Ensure all references are clean and properly linked

  • Confirm references are relevant to current campaign

  • Develop corrective action plan to codify assets

  • Build efficient workflows for future state optimization


  • Significant increases in speed to market

  • Regain focus on departmental goals

  • Decrease operational costs across the enterprise

  • Increase content review speed and optimization

  • Increase scalability, efficiency and flexibility

  • Increase ROI – infrastructure and technology platforms

Our team provides the resources and solutions to properly implement and maintain your digital assets in the most efficient and organized way possible

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