Comprehensive Pharmaceutical Digital Asset Management (DAM) and Librarian Services

Pharmaceutical companies across the globe are focused on creating informative and compliant content for patients and Health Care Providers (HCPs). Each year these companies spend hundreds of thousands of dollars creating, reviewing, and approving content, which is comprised of three key assets: claims, references, and component assets. These materials are disparately housed in the company’s DAM, the Content Review System and/or remotely with a creative agency. Over time, and without structured processes, these systems can become very inefficient, which leads to potential downstream issues with quality and compliance. As the need for more content is expanding, there are stresses on the current methods of creating and housing content in the traditional manners.

In addition, Modular content design, approval, and distribution, is a burgeoning trend which aims to save tremendous cost across the enterprise by allowing the approval of assets individually (as opposed to collectively in the composite material).

As a result, the need for optimized DAM systems, best in class processes, and material management is more important than ever.

Framework Solutions, Inc., (Frameworks), a previous CIO Top Twenty Award winner in Business Process Consulting for Pharma and Life Science (2014), is once again distinguished as an industry expert, being recognized in Top TenMost Promising Digital Asset Management Service Companies (2021).

Partnering with over 100 Pharmaceutical Brand teams across North America and Globally, Frameworks is uniquely positioned to drive quality, efficiency, and compliance within the DAM ecosystem.

“Enterprise software for DAM review, approval, and storage is a great starting point, but it’s not a panacea. Execution and optimization of that software is the key.” says Joanna Bova, Executive Director, Process Management at Framework Solutions.

Frameworks provides subject matter experts (SME) on DAM strategic consulting as well as tactical, on demand, process driven DAM Librarian Services, purpose-built for the life sciences industry. These services help clients reduce content creation times, address compliance issues, drive efficiency, and obtain positive ROI on the DAM system.

“A well-implemented DAM system deployed in tandem with a skilled librarian and optimized content review process drives compliance across markets, communicates brand standards, reduces risk by managing rights usage, and provides reportable KPIs to drive continued efficiencies,” says Joanna. Since 2009, Framework Solutions has been driving pharmaceutical content review and content management, and currently works with over 70+ pharma clients and more than 100 brand teams. The company provides resources and solutions to properly implement and maintain their clients’ digital assets in an efficient and organized manner. Framework’s librarian services team works seamlessly with their customers to secure and deliver accurate content to the stakeholders. Joanna highlights a customer success instance where Frameworks’ team developed and deployed a thorough cleanup of the library, created guidance tools to document the proper procedures, and prepared and presented training to stakeholders to drive the optimal use of the DAM.

With several such success stories, Framework Solutions is uniquely positioned to help drive the people, process, and technology behind an efficient DAM system. “As pharma companies look to implement modular content processes, they are quickly realizing that it’s an investment in their future. That investment starts with the DAM system. It continues with the investments in establishing the optimized process and finishes with investments in the tactical execution of that process. Through our Professional Services consulting group coupled with our Tactical, On-Demand Librarian model, Frameworks is well positioned to drive best practices for the years to come,” concludes Joanna.

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