DGE Promotional Review Committee Performance Optimization Event

Framework Solutions is pleased to be a sponsor of the DGE Promotional Review Committee Performance Optimization Event. The event, being held March 22nd -24th, will bring together leading industry professionals to drive discussion examining PRC team skills, speed, and emerging challenges brought on by new technologies and platforms such as artificial intelligence and digital asset libraries.

“As a leader in promotional content review and approval, Framework Solutions is proud to be a sponsor of the DGE Promotional Review Committee Performance Optimization Event” said Director, Account Solutions, Marc Ioli. “With virtual congresses seemingly here to stay, a rising emphasis on social media tactics, and AI no longer a tool of the future, events like the this are essential to establish how we, as an industry, want to move forward. We are excited to engage in these important conversations and bring what we learn back to our clients.”

About Framework Solutions: Since 2009, Framework Solutions has been supporting pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device, and other life science companies in the area of medical and promotional content review, approval, and management. Frameworks’ unique, on-demand, business model has provided insight, analysis, and logistical support to over 150 brand teams across the country. In 2020, Framework Solutions was named to the Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Companies list for the fourth consecutive year. Visit https://framesol.com/ to learn more about Framework Solutions.

Contact Name: Marc Ioli

Web Address: www.framesol.com

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Phone: (860) 799-7510 x333

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