Framework Solutions Sponsoring Medical Affairs Launch Excellence Event

Danbury, Connecticut, February 3, 2021: Framework Solutions is pleased to announce they are a sponsor and presenter at the Launch Readiness for Medical Affairs and Communications Teams Summit. This event will be held February 4 and 5, 2021, to bring together life sciences industry professionals.

At the event, professionals in the life sciences industry will examine pre-launch strategies, develop effective medical, scientific and commercial communications and build stakeholder partnerships. During the course of the event, attendees will explore best practices for taking a structured approach to medical affairs activities, particularly those that surround the launch of a product, and improve their communications and knowledge through presentations by thought leaders in the field. This is a valuable experience for anyone working in the life sciences field.

During the event, Rebecca Burnett, Executive Director of Professional Services at Framework Solutions, will present on “Late Stage Commercial Launch Preparedness from a People, Process and Technology Perspective.” Through this presentation, attendees will hear more about the latest industry trends, key milestones in the process, the role of medical operations and how to establish a content management infrastructure that best supports a commercial launch. The end of the presentation will take a look at a case study and show attendees how to apply the principles learned to that situation.

Director of Account Solutions, Marc Ioli, states, “We believe that our mission of transformation through collaboration is achieved by engaging with and learning from our peers across the industry.” Framework Solutions’ involvement in this event will provide valuable information for others working in the field and help them prepare for commercial launches of their own products.

Anyone interested in learning about the event or the services offered can find out more by visiting the Framework Solutions website or by calling 1-844-395-4548.

About Framework Solutions: Framework Solutionsis an industry leader in the life sciences field and takes great pride in offering the best solutions and services to biotech, life science and pharmaceutical companies. They have worked with medical device and pharmaceutical companies for more than 100 brands, providing insight, analysis and logistical support. They strive to help each company implement the best strategy to meet their needs.

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