How We Help

Our primary role is to route assets through the review and approval process in accordance with your organizational processes and aligned with industry best practices. We partner with agencies, project owners, and reviewers to ensure compliance, identify bottlenecks or process gaps and maintain an efficient, expeditious, and compliant process.

Our highly trained Coordinators are uniquely qualified to fill this role. Each has in-depth knowledge of all aspects of content review. They are well versed in FDA regulations, process optimization and SOP management. In addition, they are experts in all leading Content Management System platforms allowing for quick integration into your process.

Our Coordinator Services Team has facilitated the review of over 700,000 assets for many of the leading companies in the industry

Services include:
  • Pre-review Quality Assessment
  • Agenda Creation and Management and Distribution
  • Schedule Management
  • Review Meeting Facilitation
  • Document Annotation and Reconciliation
  • Document Lifecycle Management
  • Editorial Review and Proofreading
  • Production Coordination
  • Document Archival and Expiry Management

All our Coordinators are supported by our highly trained management staff who oversees your account and the day to day requirements that arise in the course of business. Our team focuses on the process so you can focus on the product.

On-Demand Support

Our On-Demand Service Model is efficient in both late-stage and commercial accounts. The goal of our model is to allow our clients maximum flexibility in terms of scalability, cost control and simplification of day to day management of the process.

Service Model Scenarios:
  • Full Service: Our Coordinator acts independently in the coordinator role, owning all tasks, managing all of your content review needs

  • Integrated: Our Coordinator integrates with your existing coordinators and acts as a fellow team member, owning all tasks on specific brands

  • Augmented: Our Coordinator augments your existing staff to handle increases in volume, managing specific tasks as needed

  • Supplemental: Our Coordinator supplements your existing staff to cover PTO or other prolonged employee absence


  • Increase speed to market
  • Regain focus on departmental goals
  • Decrease enterprise costs
  • Increase scalability, efficiency and flexibility
  • Increase ROI – infrastructure and technology platforms

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