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Process Management/Coordination Services

We are champions of the Promotional & Medical Review Process. Our Process Managers/Coordinators have facilitated the review & approval of over 500,000 assets for many of the leading companies in the industry. We are proficient in all major technology platforms. Our on-demand solution allows you to scale your business more efficiently and cost effectively.

Coordinator Services

Our primary role is to route assets through the review and approval process in accordance with your organizational processes and aligned with industry best practices. We partner with agencies, project owners and reviewers to ensure compliance, identify bottlenecks or process gaps, and maintain an efficient and expeditious process.

We understand that each organization has unique needs. Our Process Managers are highly trained on all aspects of content review, including annotation methods, meeting facilitation skills and workflow management, and work under the supervision of our highly experienced and knowledgeable management team. This scalable, customizable approach provides you with uniquely qualified resources who are experts in facilitating your specific process.

Our Process Management / Coordination team has facilitated the review of over 500,000 assets for many of the leading companies in the industry

Our Coordinator Services include:
  • Pre-review quality assessment, including development of submission quality checklists

  • Agenda creation, management and distribution

  • Schedule management

  • Document annotation and reconciliation

  • Document lifecycle management

  • Editorial review and proofreading

  • Production coordination

  • Document archival and expiry management

OPDP Submission Services

Timely and accurate regulatory submissions are the critical end goal of the review and approval process. Our Process Managers apply their expertise in metadata and technology platforms to compile a complete and accurate Form 2253 for regulatory signature. We partner closely with stakeholders, including internal regulatory submissions teams, to prepare filings for client submission.

Our Submission Services include:
  • Compiling digital file of asset, including related materials and references, if applicable

  • Preparing bookmarked CD’s

  • Preparing Form 2253 for regulatory signature

  • Compiling pre-clearance binders

  • Packaging and shipping submissions to OPDP

  • Reconciling DOFU and archival date in review platform

Process Management & Coordination Services


  • Significant increase in speed to market

  • Regain focus on departmental goals

  • Decrease operational costs across the enterprise

  • Increase content review speed and optimization

  • Increase scalability, efficiency and flexibility

  • Increase ROI – infrastructure and technology platforms