How do we help?

We understand there is no one-size fits all solution, so we take the time to learn about your organization and your specific needs. Our advisors bring considerable industry expertise to evaluate and evolve your current state operations. Our Subject Matter Experts will enhance your review and approval process of Promotional & Medical content through technology assessment and optimization. Our strategic insights, coupled with analytics and technology expertise, will drive end-to-end transformation of your processes.

SOP Advisory Services

Drawing on our insights, industry benchmarks and subject matter expertise we will create, or optimize, Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and Business Guidances, allowing you to focus on developing innovative products and solutions for patients.

Our Advisors will:
  • Create custom SOP’s for a broad range of processes

  • Optimize existing SOP’s; reducing bottlenecks and creating more efficient processes

  • Partner with appropriate stakeholders to ensure documentation reflects corporate culture

  • Manage multiple iterations and ensure version control

  • Develop a change management process including communication plan, stakeholder training and post-deployment evaluation

We understand that processes may change to meet evolving corporate culture, transitioning stakeholders or in response to a shifting regulatory environment. In addition to our initial SOP Advisory Service, our Tactical SOP Review Service offers periodic reviews and recommendations to ensure continued efficiency and compliance.

Digital Asset Advisory Services

Digital Asset Management (DAM) is often overlooked or undervalued. Our Asset Advisory team offers technology-savvy expertise, coupled with strong industry understanding, to bring about system efficiencies, a better user experience and a superior ROI on your technology platform investment. We offer a range of services, including:

  • DAM evaluation and optimization protocols

  • Development of corrective action plans

  • Application of industry best practices

  • Procedural documentation, testing and revision

  • Stakeholder training

Technology Assessment & Migration Advisory Services

Whether you’re using a legacy system, state of the art content review platform, or transitioning from one to the other, we provide pragmatic solutions that match your evolving needs and priorities. We augment your resources and apply our extensive experience to ensure you’re getting the maximum ROI on your technology while delivering measurable efficiencies.

Technology Assessment Services:
  • Evaluate approved processes against existing workflows; identify gaps and potential compliance risks

  • Partner with internal IT and/or external vendors to develop, test, deploy and document custom workflows

  • Manage development with your unique needs in mind, including GxP validation and CIA compliance

Migration Services:
  • Act as the client stakeholder representative, with a focus on reduced migration timeline

  • Create data mapping and integration plans

  • Write test scripts and facilitate UAT

  • Align platform configuration with approved SOP


  • Significant increase in speed to market

  • Regain focus on departmental goals

  • Increase scalability, efficiency, and flexibility

  • Increase ROI – infrastructure and technology platform

  • Improve quality and compliance

Our Strategic Services team, with its deep industry knowledge, will transform your business process through targeted strategy, insights & analytics

Transformation through Collaboration